What must TFC or The Impact do to advance?

Toronto FC is facing the Montreal Impact in the second leg of their Eastern Conference Finals tie. The tie winner becomes the first Canadian team to go on to the MLS final.

Montreal leads 3-2 after one game, but Toronto has two away goals. They play Nov. 30 at 7 p.m. at BMO Field.

The team that scores the most goals over both games will advance. If the teams are tied in goals after the two games, the team with more away goals will advance. If teams are tied on away goals, they will play 30 minutes of extra time. If the teams remain tied after that 30 minutes the tie will be decided by penalty kicks.

The format sets up scenarios where Toronto can win at home, but still fail to advance. Use the calculator below to test results.

Toronto Score

Montreal Score


Toronto goals: 2

Montreal goals: 3

Toronto away goals: 2

Montreal away goals: 0

Result: ...